With the dipping temperatures in winters, there come problems like cold, cough and fever. Many find it very difficult to adjust to the changing weather.

With the onset of winter, people rely on methods that keep them warm during this season. There are many herbs, which help provide warmth to the body during the winters. We, at LatestLY, have compiled a list of herbs that can keep you warm even during the winter chills. How This Miracle Herb Can Work Wonders on Your Health in Extreme Cold Weather.


Ginger is a magic herb that can be used to treat throat infections. Many people also use it in their daily cup of tea to keep them comfortable and warm during winters. Some use powdered dry ginger in the milk to keep them away from menstrual pains.


Cinnamon, also known as dalchini, is a stick-like natural herb. It is antiseptic and also warms people who feel more cold. Many people enjoy having Cinnamon tea during winters. Best Winter Foods to Boost Your Immunity and Keep You Protected From Cough, Cold and Other Diseases


It is a wonder herb for the immune system. It heals wounds, kills parasites and improves heart rate. Many people also consume it raw early morning when on weight loss programs.

Black Cardamom

Also known as moti elaichi, black cardamom is another very useful herb for the winter season. It is added in many food items while cooking, and many a times also added to the regular tea as well.


It is the best herb to keep you warm and away from winter-related health issues. An antibiotic that heals wound and also keeps you warm enough to avoid cold, cough and fever, turmeric is consumed in milk and vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations.

Keep yourself warm and reap the benefits of these herbs by relishing these healthy herbs this winter.

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