World Iodine Deficiency Day 2019: How to Prevent Iodine Deficiency and Improve Your Thyroid Function
Himalayan Sal (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Although you need only a minuscule amount of iodine in your body, iodine's role in your body is anything but small. Low iodine levels will decrease thyroid function, making you feel tired, achy, and foggy. Low iodine levels can also cause muscle pain, which may impact your ability to work out. Iodine also plays an important role in decreasing breast cancer risk. So how do you boost your iodine levels to prevent iodine deficiency? We give you a breakdown.

Eat Iodine-Rich Foods

The popularity of seaweed is increasing and for good reason. It is rich in minerals such as iodine so eat more of nori, kelp and pulse. Iodine is also present in cheese, cow's milk, shellfish, saltwater fish and yoghurt, consume more of these foods. Why A Plant-Based, Vegetarian Diet May Be Healthier According to Ayurveda.

Don't Fear the Salt

Some studies suggest that too much iodine in your food can potentially lead to heart disease but eating too little can also harm your heart. Salt restriction can be a disaster unless you have a heart condition so there is no reason to intentionally cut back. So do not hesitate to add a dash of salt to your lunchtime salad as it can help keep your levels of iodine in a healthy zone.

Consider Taking a Supplement

Taking a supplement or a multivitamin with up to 200 mcg is safe. That said, you may want to avoid the supplements if you eat lots of sea greens or do not shy away from salt. Consumption of too much iodine can cause health issues such as stomach pain and shortness of breath. Micronutrient Deficiencies That Indians Commonly Face

Replace Your Table Salt with Himalayan Crystal Salt

Also referred to as grey salt, the Himalayan crystal salt is a rich source of iodine. While almost all types of table salt are rich in iodine, they normally lose their innate minerals due to the amount of processing they go through. Organic and unprocessed Himalayan salt contains around 500 mcg of iodine.

Do Not Ditch the Potatoes

You may avoid potatoes especially if you are trying to cut down on carbs, but potatoes are rich sources of iodine. When baked or cooked with its skin on, a potato can supply you with 60 mcg of iodine. Any type of potatoes is fine, but organic potatoes are better sources of iodine. Sonam Kapoor Reveals She's Iodine Deficient.

Iodine also has anti-cancer properties and they have been known to shrink cancer cells once they have been injected with a good dose of iodine. So go ahead and make these changes in your diet.