Who said you would have to sacrifice your sex life just because you are on your periods? Period sex can be extremely pleasurable, and you should never miss out on it. Quite unfortunately, period sex also comes along with a messy cleanup. Just getting blood on the sheaths may be enough to steer clear of sex. But there are fixes to tackle all your period sex woes. You do not have to plan your sex life around your bleed week. These hacks will make period sex less messy.

1. Place  a Towel on The Bed

Do you avoid having period sex because it is messy? Place a bath towel on the sheaths to keep them from staining. You can then dispose or wash off the towels. Period Sex Tips: How to Have Great Sex during Menstruation Without Using A Towel.

2. Clean Up With Tissues

Who likes to walk till the bathroom and leave blotches of blood on the floor after sex? Use tissues to clean up after sex to avoid all the mess. Keep tissues handy just like your condoms.

3. Cover With a Blanket

If you want to block the odour of the period discharge during sex, place a blanket on your body and leave the lower portion open. Doing this will prevent the smell from reaching yours and your partner's nose. Sex Tip of the Week: Opting for Period Sex? Advantages and Tips for Having Intercourse While on Menstruation.

4. Stick to Missionary

Your period flow will be considerably less when you lay back instead of trying other adventurous poses. It would help if you were careful about deep penetration as the cervix is a lot more sensitive than usual. Caution your partner if it starts hurting.

5. Avoid Using Fingers on The Vaginal Area

Ask your partner to limit the use of his hands down there during foreplay. But do not downplay foreplay as it is essential during periods. It can be an excellent chance to explore other erogenous parts of your body. Sex Query of the Week: Is It Safe to Perform Oral Sex When My Girlfriend Is Bleeding During Her Periods.

Be sure to wash off with a shower after sex. Get your partner to hop on the shower along with you and enjoy some intimate time!

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