Lubricants have always had an essential role to play when it comes to sex. No matter how great your sex life has been, using a lubricant just enhances the experience and transforms it. And well, it’s not just who’s saying it but there are several reports and studies online that have had women confirm that they’ve had better and more pleasurable sex with lube. If you and your partner are looking at ways to make your sex life better, it’s time to have a threesome with the lube! Here are 5 interesting benefits of using lubricants to help make your sex life more enjoyable. Smooth Sex For Intense Orgasm: What Is a Lube? Types of Lubricants and Hot Ways to Use Them While Having Sex!

Help get rid of vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness isn’t an uncommon phenomenon in women. Most women, at some point in life, go through a phase where the vagina becomes extremely dry, which in turn makes it difficult for penetration. Applying a lubricant will only help make the vagina wetter, hereby making penetration easier and sex more pleasurable.

Lube can help delay ejaculation

If your man is afraid of climaxing too soon, use a lube. Some lube can help delay ejaculation and make him last longer in bed. Reports suggest that it is better to order water-based lube as the thicker the lube, the easier it is to take control of ejaculation.

Adds fun to your otherwise monotonous sex life

Your sex life is going to become utterly monotonous at one point in life. In such cases, couples can try experimenting with different kinds of lube and various flavours of lube to make things a little more interesting! There are some lubes that can also help create different sensations down there like the warming and cooling effect. Sounds fun, eh?

Helps enhance Anal sex experience

Lubricant should be your go-to when having anal sex for obvious reasons, especially if you’re doing it for the first time! Unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t lubricating enough on its own and hence, it’s best to use some lube to make anal sex pleasurable and less painful.

Help have safer sex

Lube can help you have safer sex as it reduces friction, thereby leading to safer and more comfortable sex. What you can also do is add a few drops of lube in the condom as it apparently makes it less likely to tear off.

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