Pregnancy Sex: From Lactation Turn-On To Maiesiophilia, Pregnancy Fetishes You Didn't Know Exist
Pregnancy and lactation fetishes (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Image)

Pregnancy sex is real and equally real are pregnancy fetishes. While it is safe to have sex during pregnancy(unless your doctor interferes), it is normal for your libido to change during pregnancy. However, pregnancy fetishes usually occur in men. Yes, many men get turned on by pregnancy. Not just that even lactation is a big turn on for many partners. Pregnancy fetishes may range diversely. Right from the mere turn-on by seeing a pregnant woman and different stages of pregnancy to body changes and lactation fetish. Pregnancy fetishism is very common in men. Sex in a Diaper? Weird Sexual Fetishes That Will Drive You Nuts!

Even online porn videos have seen pregnancy as a very popular topic. Searches for 'pregnancy porn' spiked on Pornhub in 2017. More and more people wanted to see pregnant women having sex in XXX videos. From Mucous to Insects, 7 Bizzare Types of Sexual Fetishes That Exist in the World!

Here are some of the pregnancy sex fetishes that you may not have known of:

Lactation fetish

Lactation fetish is one of the most common types of pregnancy fetishes. Especially for people who love to suck breast, lactation fetishes are very common. Right from stimulating the breasts, areolas to nipples, there are many ways to go about the lactation fetish. Some people achieve sexual arousal by taking it to the next level and actually suckling and breastfeeding from a lactating woman.

Maiesiophilia - Erotic Attraction to Pregnant Women

Maiesiophilia also known as pregnancy fetish is a general turn-on by seeing a pregnant woman. Erotic attraction to pregnant women is not very uncommon. The fetish can range from having sex to bathing, getting dressed, or even sleeping. It doesn't necessarily have to be via penetration.

Fetishes can go from kinky to weird in no time. And with the number of people existing in this world, the variety of fetishes that exist are insane. But then what is sex without a little bit of fun and crazy experiments?