Royal Baby’s Name Archie Harrison Opens Floodgates of Tweets; Netflix and Archie Comics Have the Best Reactions
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle's royal baby (Photo Credits: IANS)

ICYMI, Royal Baby has been given a name by his parents. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided that their son will go by the name Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Also, the parents have decided that their kid won't be assuming a courtesy title such as Prince Archie or Earl of Dumbarton, like the internet wants him to be. But he would be referred to as Master Archie, reports suggest. We think Archie is quite a cute name and a lot of people on the internet are thinking on the same lines. Twitter is flooding with responses from all over the world to the royal announcement (including the people wondering if Harry and Meghan named their baby after the popular TV show Riverdale).

Archie Comics probably made the best joke about the news. Netflix was not too far away from cashing in on the situation. All the guys names Archie are also sharing their thoughts on the micro-blogging site. Here are some of the best tweets about the royal baby being named Archie.

For those who didn't get it...this is a Riverdale joke


A lot of Archie comics jokes are going to be made

More like...oh, yes?

Yes, you are

We agree

As we said, he'd be known as Master Archie. Okay, Netflix?


What do you think about the new name? The meaning of Archie is 'genuine', 'bold' or 'brave' and was a shortened form of 'Archibald' but is now often used as a name on its own, as per BBC. Harrison is simply supposed to mean Harry's son.