10x Engineer: From Caffeine to Coding, Twitter Thread Tries to Shed Light on 'Rare Breed of Engineers'
10x Engineer (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The latest breed of professionals to have to made Twitterati curious is 10x engineer. A Twitter thread by Shekhar Kirani tweeted explaining to the rest of Twitter what 10x engineer is all about. He tweeted saying," 10x engineers, Founders if you ever come across this rare breed of engineers, grab them. If you have a 10x engineer as part of your first few engineers, you increase the odds of your startup success significantly. OK, here is a tough question. How do you spot a 10x engineer?"ย And the explanation about the sought after breed of engineers was greeted by a barrage of reactions on Twitter.

Detailing some of their common features, Shekhar said, "10x engineers hate meetings. They think it is a waste of time and obvious things are being discussed. They attend meetings because the manager has called for a "Staff meeting" to discuss the features and status. He went on to explain their love for coding and how most of them prefer working in the night than day. The tweet reads, "Most of them are late-night coders and come late to the office."

Check Out The Tweet Below:

Won't Spot Them During Meetings

People With Good Memory

While some appeared impressed knowing about this group of engineers, not everyone looked glad.

Not Everyone Agrees!

Meanwhile, Some Tried to be Funny!


When a 10x Engineer Leaves

Some of their know features include having a black screen on laptops, love caffeinated drinks, can write codes like it is a language and much more. As the Twitter thread went viral, a group did not seem to agree with the qualities mentioned in the tweets, while some said that the 10x engineers behave the exact same way.