Article 370 Revoked in Jammu and Kashmir, Twitter Reacts With #370Gaya; Amit Shah, Narendra Modi Get Praises
Article 370 revoked tweets (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The BJP Government announced the revocation of Article 370 as well as Article 35(A) this morning. Home Minister Amit Shah announced the historic decision in the Rajya Sabha. The state of Jammu and Kashmir will now be two separate Union Territories with a legislative assembly, and Ladakh will be a UT without a legislature. As soon as the decision was announced, social media started buzzing with reactions. While the situation still remains tense in the valley, people on Twitter have been giving positive reactions and finding humour in the situation. Some of the tweets are praises directed towards Narendra Modi and his government. Soon enough, #370gaya has become a trending topic on Twitter. Article 370 Abrogated From Jammu and Kashmir: Home Minister Amit Shah Proposes Scrapping of the Article, What Does the Article State?

The revocation of Article 370 has been a pressing issue in the country. The state had been in a situation of uncertainty in the past few days while there were collective sentiments in the rest of the country other than the valley were in favour of abolishing this Article. Now that Shah made the historic announcement, Twitter erupted into celebrations. Happy tweets congratulating India were shared on Twitter. Check some of the reactions of #370gaya. Article 370 Revoked, Jammu and Kashmir Loses Statehood: Mehbooba Mufti Calls it 'Darkest Day in Indian Democracy', Here's Who said What on Amit Shah's Announcement. 

Check some of the reactions on Article 370

Everybody to Amit Shah

Students right now


How Rajya Sabha feels right now

Congratulations everywhere

Meanwhile Article 370

So people everywhere are happy with the decisions and are praising the government's move. Article 370 gave a special status to the states of Jammu and Kashmir but now the state has been split into separate UTs. The Jammu and Kashmir government gives a nod for implementing any law in the state. The Article was included in the Constitution of India on October 17, 1949.