If you thought, the year 2020 couldn't get any worse, here you are... Let's introduce you to Biryani flavoured Maggi! Although it has existed in this world from a very long time, some people are only discovering it now and can't wrap their heads around this product. Netizens are dubbing this as veg biryani(only worse) and are making funny memes and jokes around it. Like, FR, it is basically as stupid as the concept of veg biryani, the debate around which has been prevalent in the society since the beginning of time. Moreover, it is in noodles form and that makes it a nightmare. Just as we were getting over the weird food combinations like chocolate Maggi, Maggi pani puri, Maggi with milk, Maggi with oranges, Twitter has enlightened us with this piece from the pandora's box that no one wanted! After Kaju Katli - Ketchup Combo, Gulab Jamun Pizza and Kurkure Milkshake by Desi Twitter Are Out to Ruin Your Foodgasm.

Also, did you know that if you search for Maggi Biryani flavour, you will see that "This is a Vegetarian product" marked in the description and we can already hear all the non-vegetarians say in unison "Blasphemous!". Although, there may be a non-veg variant available too, how does a biryani flavour ** cough cough** noodles can be vegetarian, is beyond us. Well, if you are a lover (why on earth?!) you can find this product on Amazon.in and it is majorly imported from outside so you may have to wait for it to get restocked. But until then you can check out these funny memes and reactions on Biryani Maggi:

We're Crying Too

Dayum Right!


CC: Nestle India

Next Worst Thing To Veg Biryani Doesn't Exis...

Well, what do you think? While we can vouch that hardcore Biryani(authentic) lovers are definitely not happy but what can one do! If there any other weird flavour that you tasted in the past? Let us know.

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