Black Doctor's Credentials Questioned by Delta Flight Attendants After She Tried to Help a Distressed Passenger
Delta Flight attendants interrogated a black doctor. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

A black physician’s credentials were questioned by the flight attendants at Delta flight after she noticed that something was visibly wrong with the fellow passenger sitting next to her and tried to help the person in distress. Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford was aboard a Delta flight from Indianapolis to Boston when the woman seated next to her started showing signs of distress, The New York Times reported. The flight attendants repeatedly questioned her after she presented her medical license to them. White Man Accused of Racial Profiling After Demanding a Black Woman for ID to Enter Community Pool, Gets Fired: Watch Video.

Stanford began treating the woman when a flight attendant approached and asked her if she was a doctor. According to the report, Stanford immediately produced her medical license which she said she always carries on her. Her license shows that she is a physician registered in Massachusetts. Stanford told the Times that she began to carry the license with her after a similar incident occurred with another black doctor on a Delta flight in 2016.

Another flight attendant approached her and again asked for the license. She looked at it and walked away. The two again returned to interrogate the doctor. They started asking her questions, ‘Are you a head doctor?’, ‘Are you actually an M.D?’. They went on to even asking with the license was even hers. To which Stanford replied: “Why would I carry someone else’s medical license?” Stanford calls this is a case of racial profiling. She even tweeted displaying her disappointment with the flight’s policies.

Stanford told the Times, “This is something that the medical community has embraced as a reality. When you Google a doctor, most of the pictures that come up are of a white man.” She further said, “I should not be called into question about something I have worked for my entire life.” Delta apologised to Stanford via email and has launched an investigation into the incident.