The BORG drinking trend is growing at an alarming rate among college students in the US. The term BORG stands for ‘blackout rage gallon.’ It refers to a large, personalised alcoholic drink. This trend, which gained popularity through social media, is raising concerns about health risks, the dangers of heavy drinking and the influence of social media. This trend usually takes place at daytime parties called ‘darties.’ At these parties, the youth carry gallon-sized plastic jugs filled with a strong alcoholic mixture. These BORG drinks contain vodka or any distilled alcohol, water, electrolyte powder, flavour enhancer or any other drink. However, the alcohol content is much higher than the other ingredients. Health experts have warned that this trend can be dangerous and life-threatening and pose serious health risks. From Fever Medications to Antibiotics, 10 Common Medicines That Can Have Dangerous Side Effects When Mixed With Alcohol.

What Is a BORG Drink?

A BORG drink is a strong alcoholic mix that usually contains vodka or any distilled alcohol, water, electrolyte powder, flavour enhancer or any other drink. There are many videos on social media that show you how to make a BORG. Usually, people begin by removing half of the water from a gallon-sized jug. Then a fifth of vodka and many popular flavour enhancers like artificial sweeteners, synthetic food dyes, B-vitamins, caffeine, flavoured drink mixes, electrolyte replacement fluids, and various other flavour enhancers are mixed to it. The BORG drinks have names too; they are often named with pop culture references. For instance, there are BORG drinks which have been named ‘Borgan Donor,’ ‘Captain Borgan,’ or Spong Borg Square Pants.’

BORG Drink Acronym

The acronym BORG stands for “blackout rage gallon,” according to the National Capital Poison Center in Washington, DC.

What Is the BORG Drinking Trend?

The BORG drinking trend involves creating a concoction in a gallon-sized plastic jug. This mixture usually contains vodka or any distilled alcohol, water, electrolyte powder, flavour enhancer, or any other drink. The person then drinks this strong alcoholic drink out of the gallon jug.

Is the BORG Drinking Trend Dangerous?

BORGs usually have a very high amount of alcohol in them. This can lead to alcohol poisoning, even if it has been consumed over a period of several hours. When kids see others enjoying it, they too want to join in and be part of the crowd. The trend, which has become very popular on social media, is alarming as it is normalising dangerous behaviour. The high alcohol content, potentially hazardous caffeine levels, and binge drinking trends make BORGs very dangerous. Experts have warned that this drinking trend can cause serious harm and should be avoided. What Is Liquid Nitrogen? Can Using Liquid Nitrogen in Food Cause Serious Health Risks and Side Effects? All You Need To Know.

It has been noticed that BORGs have become very common at parties and social gatherings. People often carry their own gallons with personalised alcoholic BORGs. However, this trend has been deemed dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

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