Donald Trump Criticised on Twitter As He Broke the Royal Protocol Twice! Walks in Front of the Queen Elizabeth and Makes Her Wait, Watch Videos
Donald Trump broke the royal protocol while visiting Queen Elizabeth. (Photo credits: Twitter/TheAmerican22 & Twitter/dennis0805a)

US President Donald Trump has been a popular target of Twitterati given his actions. Trump was recently on his visit to England where he met with Queen Elizabeth at the Windsor Castle. Minutes into the meeting with the Queen, the US President had shown his ways and broke the protocol not once but twice! It would be all the more surprising if the president had conformed to all the etiquettes of meeting with the royalty. Twitter users are not forgiving of Trump's actions and they have slammed the US President on the social media site. Even before Trump's visit to the UK, there were a lot of protests planned across the country. Donald Trump ‘Baby Balloon’ Takes flight During Protests in London Over US President’s UK Visit.

There are a certain set of rules that have to be followed whenever someone visits the royals. One of the foremost rules is that the Queen should not be kept waiting. The guest has to arrive before her, but Trump did otherwise. Queen Elizabeth was left checking her watch while Trump came along with his wife Melania to greet her. But what has caught more attention of people on social media is how Trump broke the protocol once again while he walked in front of the queen. Donald Trump's Visit to UK: Britons Wonder Whether The US President Will Bow to The Queen.

Donald Trump walked slightly ahead of the queen while inspecting the Guard of Honour. The Queen even gestured him, directing him ahead but Trump went ahead of her, stood for a few seconds right in middle, so she had to sidestep and come around him, as they continued walking ahead. According to the royal protocol, it is considered rude to show the back to the monarch. The video from the Windsor Castle shows the queen baffled at Trump's behaviour. She was even captured looking at her watch, while she waited at the dais for his arrival.

Both these instances are showed Trump's disgrace towards the royal protocol. And Twitter is definitely not happy. Users have called out to his behaviour, some even commenting on his intelligence.

Take a look at how Twitter reacted:

Check out the video of Queen checking her watch while waiting for Trump at the dais:

People were not too pleased, again!

Donald Trump's first official visit to the UK and meeting with Queen Elizabeth was full of gaffes. The US President even kept the Queen waiting while he was busy doing the 'Trump handshake' with someone else. This too has been noticed by people online and Trump has been the end of all criticism. Trump clearly did not read the rulebook before he visited the royalty.