From doomsday theories to stories on asteroids ending lives on Earth, multiple theories on Earth, Sun, Moon and planets go viral on social media platforms every other day. However, lately, there has been an increase in the spread of a false report which is being widely shared on social media platforms. It said that 'NASA confirmed Earth will go dark for six days in December 2020'. As the false rumous began to go viral on the internet NASA took to Twitter rubbishing the claims. The space observatory confirmed that they have not any such statement with misinformation. They also wrote that Earth will not be dark for six days like said in the reports and that such claims have been going around for a decade now. ‘Fake’ NASA Satellite Images of India During ‘Diwali’ Go Viral Following PM Modi’s Successful #9PM9Minutes Initiative on April 5.

They took to Twitter saying, "Busting the myth: Despite false reports, Earth will not go dark for six days, and we have not issued a statement with this misinformation. Unfortunately, this viral hoax story has circulated off & on during the last decade. For NASA news," Fact Check: Viral Social Media Posts Claiming NASA SD13 Satellite Detected Coronavirus Strain Diminishing & Weakening Due to 5 PM Clapping Exercise on Janata Curfew Day Are FAKE.

NASA Busts Fake News on Earth Becoming Dark for 6 Days:

While Facebook posts with such claims often g viral, recently a blog called Daily Buzz Live stating that it is true. The blog said, "NASA put out an alert this last week confirming that the world will experience darkness between December 16 - December 22, 2020. The world will remain dark for these 6 days, completely void of sunlight, due to a solar storm which will cause dust and space debris to block 90% of the sun." The post towards the end tells people to stock up on "light bulbs, flashlights, water and food" preparing for the time period.

As NASA posted it on Twitter, people commented that such posts making similar claims should be taken down immediately. These rumours can incite fear in the mind of people making them take some unrequited steps for the future.

Fact check

Fact Check: Earth Will Not Go Dark for 6 Days in December 2020! NASA Calls It ‘Hoax Story’, Says False Report Circulating Since Last Decade
Claim :

Space observatory said that the Earth will go dark for six days in December 2020

Conclusion :

NASA said that they have made no such statement and that the Earth will not go dark for six days in December 2020.

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