New Delhi, December 24: A viral post is doing rounds on social media platforms claiming that the the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has directed all the banks in India to print the 'Gita Saar' which the summary/essence of the 'Gita', a Hindu scripture which is  part of the epic Mahabharata on the passbook. The fake post claims that the RBI has asked all the banks to print the summary of the Hindu epic- Gita, on the last page of the passbook of all its bank account holders.

After the post went viral, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) - the official media arm of Indian government - took cognisance of the same. Rubbishing the fake claim, the PIB fact check issued a clarification saying that the news claiming that RBI has directed banks to print the 'Gita Saar' on the last page of the passbook of its customers, is fake news. It added saying that the RBI has not issued any such order and has not directed banks to do so. Intelligence Bureau Invited Job Applications Via Recruitment Ad? PIB Fact Check Busts Fake News.

Here's the tweet:

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, fake news is spreading like wildfire, triggering panic among people. The government has taken initiatives to curb the spread of fake news by doing a fact check of the fake and misleading information on digital platforms. The government has time and again urged people of the country not to believe in such misinformation and visit official websites for authentic information.

Fact check

RBI Has Directed Banks to Print ‘Gita Saar’ on Last Page of the Passbook of All Account Holders? PIB Fact Check Reveals Truth Behind Fake Post
Claim :

A viral post claims that RBI has directed all banks to print a summary of Gita, known as \'Gita Saar\' on the last page of the passbook.

Conclusion :

This claim is fake. A fact check by PIB revealed that the RBI has not issued this directive for banks.

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