Gigantic Praying Mantis on New York Subway Train Scares Passengers (View Pic)
Praying Mantis in NY train (Photo Credits: Twitter)

New York City subway riders were in for a not so pleasant guest riding along with them in the train. A giant praying mantis had hopped aboard the train and the passengers weren't impressed. A picture of the giant insect was shared by City Councilman Keith Powers and it is going viral. The praying mantis was traveling aboard the Uptown on the 6 train. Keith Powers was told by fellow passengers that his head was dangerously close to the long-legged insect. The insect was green in colour with brown torso and black eyes. Giant Hairy Spider Eats a Possum! Pic Captured by Aussie Couple in Tasmania Hotel Room Goes Viral.

City councilman Keith Powers shared a snap of the large mantis on his Twitter account and netizens had their own take on it. While some of them were scared of the prying insect, others wondered if the insect was rescued and taken to a safe spot. Keith Powers wrote, "Like most New Yorkers, I’m frightened by the gigantic praying mantis on the subway but also relieved that he didn’t yell ‘It’s showtime!" referring to the subway performers.

Check Pic of Giant Praying Mantis in NY Subway Train:

That sure looks huge. Netizens were also amused by the insect. Check some of the reactions of the people.

Is that a mutant?

Too huge


Commute and a Safari Experience

New Mayor!

Hope it is okay

One of the Twitter users also joked if the mantis can say, "Its Showtime" to a councilman. Well, mantis bite only when they are provoked. But their bites are not venomous to humans.