At the start of the year 2020, Australia was raging with wildfires. And while the rest of the world is already struggling with other disasters, the state of California in the US is raging with wildfires. After severe strikes of lightning 500,000 acres of land is torching. Over hundreds of fires continue to burn throughout the state. People have shared scary pictures and videos to show the situation in the region currently. Among them, a picture of a horrific lightning strike that caused fires through the forest has been shared online. The picture looks amazing but is a scary reminder of how dangerous nature can be. Other dangerous videos of a fire tornado, and of people evacuating the region have also been shared on social media. California Fires Escalate: 5 Dead So Far, Thousands Evacuated, Video Shows Flames Devouring Houses and Fields in Vacaville.

Residents are facing a dangerous heatwave as a result of the wildfires. More than 30,000 people have been evacuated to a safe spot. Along with smoke spreading everywhere to San Francisco, there are power outages in other regions.  Crews are struggling to get the fire under control as the weather worsens. Along with major blazes, small fires are also erupting. Among the scary visuals, a picture of deadly lightning was shared by the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department. The massive lightning strike is seen causing a fire through the mountain forests. NASA also shared that the wildfires can be seen from space

Check The Picture Here:

Here's a Closer View:

Check Some Videos of the Raging Wildfires in California:

Fire Tornado

A Scary Visual 

Fires Seen From The Flight

A Video of Escaping From Raging Fires

The visuals are really scary and have wreaked havoc in the region. In a week about 11,000 lightning bolts hit the state. Evacuations are underway at many places. The fires are burning through rural areas with steep terrain, making it difficult to get crews in for the rescue.

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