Justin Trudeau’s Eyebrow Apparently Came Off at a Conference And Became a Twitter Conspiracy, Know What's The Truth! Watch Video
Canadiam PM Justin Trudeau's eyebrows raised discussion on social media (Photo credits: Video grab)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not having the best of his time. He recently hosted the G7 Summit in Quebec where his not so cordial relationship with US President Donald Trump came up. But the political conversations left aside, Trudeau has sparked another debate among the Twitterati. Justin Trudeau held a conference post the summit and in the video, it appeared as if the President wears fake eyebrows, which was coming off of his left eye. Such things catch instant attention and several jokes were made on it. But now there is a resultant controversy among people on social media, whether the Canadian President wears fake eyebrows or was it an effect of the lightning on the spot.

Justin Trudeau being the host of the summit was summarising the whole thing at the public conference later on. We have commonly known of wardrobe malfunctions, the eyebrow malfunction was definitely new and never seen before. It very much appeared like the eyebrow just detached and Trudeau kept talking as it was no big deal. His no reaction has sparked some as saying it was just the effect of the lightning which made his eyebrows appear so.

Take a look at the video of Justin Trudeau which shows his eyebrows almost falling off:

A series of jokes followed after this video came up.

Some ran to Google it!

And now you too cannot unsee it!

So what is the truth? Is the Canadian PM really using fake eyebrows? It became a big discussion and people divided on what it really was. Until some came up and revealed that it was actually just the trick of the light and he does not use any fake eyebrows. It may sound too trivial but nothing is so on social media. Had it been a fake on, Trudeau would have at least reacted a bit or tried to put it back up. But he was the same because there were no falling eyebrow guys.

Check out the explanation behind his weird looking eyebrows: 

If you look at closer pictures of the Canadian President you'll know how his eyebrows actually are. Hope the above video made it clear and solved the 'eyebrow gate' after all.