Lindsay Lohan Gets Punched in the Face For Kidnapping Children, Twitter Can't Keep Calm Either!
Lindsay Lohan (Photo credits: Facebook/Lindsay Lohan)

Actress cum singer Lindsay Lohan did something really bizarre and was left in tears right after. Lohan thought she was helping the children but left with a punch on her face! A video has come up online which shows Lohan accusing Syrian refugee parents of being human traffickers. She apparently tried to 'rescue' their children before the woman comes down and punches her face. The actress had posted this video on her Instagram live. Naturally, it has gone viral and people on the internet are not calm. Lindsay Lohan Accuses Syrian Family Of 'Trafficking Children'; Gets Slapped By The Mother! Watch Video. 

The exact location where this incident took place is not yet known, but some media reports it happened in Moscow. In the video, the actress is seen approaching a homeless family, who are sleeping outside. She walks up to them and becomes aggressive. The incident was quite shocking and Twitterati too could not understand such bizarre behaviour.

Take a Look at How Twitter Reacted to Lindsay Lohan’s Video

Watch was she high on?

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Parent Trap 2018


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Crisis? Lohan's on the way!

Other than a lot of jokes and fun that is being made of her, people are equally outraged by her behaviour. Her ignorance and then playing as if she was the victim, crying out on camera is not impressive. Wonder, what Lohan herself has to say about her "protective instincts".