Masala Monk Wins Hearts on Twitter And Facebook With Savage Reply to User's 'Hateful Comment' Against Muslims; Grocery And Food Brand Gets Praises And New Fans
Masala Monk Twitter comments (Photo Credits: Twitter)

In the wake of Coronavirus lockdown, a lot of people are relying on online delivery of vegetable and groceries. Masala Monk is one such grocery and gourmet food platform based in Delhi which provides exotic, homemade edibles which includes a range of pickles and spreads, all over the country. Although their services are now limited because of the lockdown, the company's reply to a hateful comment on Facebook has made everyone eager to order from them. A Facebook post by Masala Monk, an elaborate reply to a person's hateful comment asking about Muslim workers in their establishment is winning the internet. Zomato Shuts Down Bigoted Customer Who Cancelled Food Delivery From Non-Hindu, Says 'Food Doesn't Have Religion', Wins Hearts.

A troll named Rajiv Sethi made a hateful comment on Masala Monk's post asking them to declare "No Muslims in your establishments and no one has spat on your products." They immediately replied on his comment for spreading hate, even calling out to him to be ashamed of himself. But what followed is a long post in an explanation of their quality standards. They replied in a very sarcastic manner, evaluating on saliva, giving out names of their employees, to indicate they belong to the Muslim community, concluding about a change in his character that will be brought out by ordering their products. Their brilliant way of replying to the troll is going so viral that people now cannot wait to order from them once the lockdown is over.

Check Masala Monk's Reply to a Hateful Comment:

In the next comment, the company even clarified that Mr Rajiv Sethi is a troll and not their customer. They mentioned he had made such hateful comments even in the past and was warned even before. This post has been much liked by everyone and is going viral. With over 4,000 likes and thousand plus shares, people appreciated the company for giving back such a savage reply. The same post was even posted on Twitter where it once again went viral.

Check The Tweet Here:

People are loving it and now cannot wait to order from them. Check some responses on Twitter.

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Everyone is loving the way the company replied to the hatemonger. From details of the saliva ID to promoting their products in conclusion for "better taste", that is one savage reply, we agree. Clearly, Masala Monk has garnered more following, from those who haven't even heard of them before.