Model Spends USD 500K to Look Like Kim Kardashian, Gives Up After Her Right Breast Explodes
Model gets surgeries to look like Kim Kardashian and suffers from breast explosion (Photo credits: Instagram)

Kim Kardashian has been an influence on many women out there. Several women aim to look like her, and do not mind going out spending a bomb to get those implants. Extreme plastic surgeries can have some serious consequences at times. A former Versace model Jennifer Pamplona, got about 30 surgeries done to look like her idol Kim Kardashian. And it has backfired so much that one of her implants exploded. She was forced to remove 400cc silicone implants which gave her a 34D bust. Pamplona's right bust tore and left her in severe pain. Learning from the incident she has decided to stay away from the needles. Woman Saves Her Botched Nose After Plastic Surgery of 13 Lakhs With The Help of Leeches.

Jennifer Pamplona suffered from chronic back pain when a chemical compound started leaking. She shot to fame when she got 9 surgeries done on 24 hours for a TV show. But that wasn't all, she continued and changed almost every bit of her body and has in total 30 surgeries. She spent $550,000 to get her desired look of the reality TV star. She had six pints of fat injected into her bum, eight of her ribs removed, two breast enhancements. She managed to achieve 39-inch hips and 21-inch waist with all those injections and alterations to her body. But her breast implants have failed miserably.

Talking about it she was quoted to Daily Mail, "We don't entirely know what happened, but I think either the silicone was not put in the right way or was not good quality. I had so much pain in my back trying to hold the silicone, and when touching my boobs it felt like one of the implants was open." On consulting the doctor she understood that the silicone had exploded, and has got them better. Woman Spends Over Rs 3 Million on Plastic Surgery After Being Called Ugly, Turns Into Raunchy Social Media Superstar.

She is happy to have the weight off her chest in the literal sense. "I can't imagine what it will be like not feeling my boobs there but I will just be glad not to have any more pain in my back. Before everything I would change was for beauty, now everything I want to do is to ensure I'm healthy," she admitted. She compared her boobs to holding watermelons. She literally had an addiction to surgeries from her younger days. With a big lesson, she has decided to stay away from it forever.