What is going on with this appearance of monoliths in different parts of the world. The first one in Utah sparked so much mystery but now their regular appearances have lessened the interest. The last one was found in Warsaw, Poland. Now internet's fame 'Hide The Pain Harold' spotted a new structure in Hungary and ticked on people's curiosity of this being the work of aliens. András Arató, who is more popular as the meme Hide The Pain Harold, shared a picture of a metal monolith from Hungary. But what's amusing is the attached signboard with it, which mentions Intergalactic Federation, the secret base of aliens on Earth. Harold's picture is now going viral with funny reactions.

The appearance of monoliths everywhere, sparked theories of interest. Some dwelling in 2001: The Space Odyssey and even The Simpsons. In the first week of December, Israeli space chief revealed of a Galactic Federation, which is said to be aliens base on the planet. Soon enough, netizens linked monoliths to aliens. Someone seems to have caught up on all the recent buzz and installed the monolith in Hungary too. As per the sign board next to this structure, there is a mention of Intergalactic Federation. Hide The Pain Harold posed next to it and shared the picture on Facebook, which is now going viral.

Check Hide The Pain Harold Post on Monolith in Hungary:

The post has over 11,000 reactions and over a thousand shares. Meanwhile, netizens could not stop with their cheeky reactions. One user wrote, "Hide the pain from those aliens Harold!" While another said, "Hide the aliens, Harold!" One more user said, he should hide the monolith instead. A gold structure was also found in Columbia last week.

Now if you are among the see it and believe it instantly kind, then no, this is not work of the aliens. Some has just been reading and keeping themselves updated with the latest alien theories too well. Like a user commented, "I had no idea aliens spoke perfect Hungarian."

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