UFO enthusiasts cannot wrap their heads around this recent viral video that features an unidentified blue object spotted in the skies of Hawaii leaving residents stunned. This bright blue UFO soon disappeared into the sea after giving the residents a good look at it. According to reports, witnesses from different locations on the island of Oahu claimed that they saw a large, bright-blue UFO in the night sky on December 29. It was at around 8:30 PM when they saw a blue object vanishing in the sea. A video of it is now going viral on social media.

The eyewitnesses then called the Federal Aviation Administration and 911. According to a local resident, Moriah: "I look up and then I was like oh s—! I started calling my husband and them because they were all in the garage. I was like hey. Come look up there. See if you see what I see. They all said yes! I don’t know what it was… This one was going so fast,” she told Hawaii News Now. Don't know what it was. This one was going so fast. (It) went land in the water. Whatever it is. We called 911 to have like one cop or somebody for come out and come check em out," she said to Hawaii News Now.

The footage showing the 'UFO' moving across the sky before falling into the ocean was reported to the FAA. It was later confirmed that they hadn't received reports any missing aircraft'

What is a UFO?

UFO stands for unidentified flying object and as the name suggests it is any aerial phenomenon that cannot be identified or explained. People often link UFOs to aliens and various conspiracy theories of extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Watch Video of a UFO Recorded in Hawaii:

This is definitely not the first time UFO sightings have left conspiracy theorists wondering. In the month of April, aliens theories first sparked up related to Pentagon's release of "unidentified aerial phenomena with three clips of what was described as UAP looking like UFOs taken back in November 2004.  Similarly, in September an object in the shape of a flying saucer was seen by a man in Liverpool.  In August 2020, Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner shared a video which saw not one but five UFOs in the Earth's Southern Hemisphere! Vagner filmed five lights and dubbed them as "space guests." The video also captured Aurora Australis but it was the five lights that led to more speculation.

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