Walking orchids, famously known as the orchid mantis, also known as Hymenopus coronatus, is one of the several species known as flower mantises from their resemblance and behaviour. As beautiful their appearance is, the mantis is one biggest trickster of the animal kingdom. An Indian Forest Officer, Susanta Nanda recently shared a video on Twitter. It shows the orchid mantis, strolling on a great leave, showing off its beautiful features, mimicking the orchid flower. Its resemblance to the flower will stun you, but the bug is quite smart to hunt its prey. Because of its likeness, the insect deceives pollinating bugs into stopping by for a visit. Instead of collecting pollen and nectar, they become a meal for the walking orchids. In this article, we bring you everything you should know about the insect, including some beautiful videos that might stun you. Rosy Maple Moth Pays Surprise Visit to This Twitter User! Viral Thread Captures the Beautiful Pink and Yellow-Hued Candy Floss Bug Resting at the Deck. 

Orchid mantises are dazzlingly beautiful. Its pinkish legs appear to form a delicate flower blossom. They are significantly found in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. In India, the insects are spotted in the Western Ghats. This species is characterised by brilliant colouring and a structure finely adapted for camouflage, mimicking parts of the orchid flower. Its toothed front pair is used for grasping prey. Video of Mysterious Looking Insect Goes Viral, Twitterati Marvels at Nature's Creation of 'Lichen Katydid'. 

Watch Video of the Beautiful Orchid Mantis:

From white to yellow to pink and purple, the orchid mantis comes in various colour, and they use its resemblance to attract prey. They are so confident in their ability to mimic flowers that they just hang out on leafy greens and let the prey come to them. Video of Colourful Leaf Insects Go Viral! 6 Quick Facts to Know About Phylliidae or Walking Leaves. 

Here's Another Video:

Unsuspecting insects mistake the mantis for a flower, allowing the pretty predator to snatch them up for a quick meal. Flying insects like the butterflies and moth are the mantis main source of food. The orchid mantis can also fly.

Orchid Mantis' Babies

The male orchid mantis is said to be more jittery than the females, who need to remain absolutely still to attract her prey. But the female orchid mantis may grow to about two and a half inches long, as compared to the males who grow only about an inch. And because the male mantis is smaller, it matures more quickly than the female. The male orchid mantis lives for about five to six months, whereas the female lives about eight months.

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