Rihanna Walking Confidently on Sidewalk-Grates in Heels Leave Twitterati Super Impressed! (See Freaky Pictures)
Rihanna Walking Confidently on Sidewalk Grates in Heels (Photo Credits: @bklynmckinnon/ Twitter)

Rihanna is cool for many and many reasons. She is undoubtedly a fantastic performer, rocking in flawless make up and has killer personal style. She is a trend setter when it comes to fashion. The 30-year-old singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer, wears multiple hats. And over the years, she has stunned everyone with the impeccable way as she carries herself. This was true as the pop icon amazed the spectators in the structured leather ensembled in maroon with matching gloves at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. Her mane of curly hair and identical colour boots were loved by the rapper’s fans at the Grammys.

Affirming her place as the ruling fashionmonger, a user on social media shared some pictures of Rihanna wearing sharp heels and walking on the sidewalk grades. The stunning singer’s feat is floating confidently across the subway grates. And she has been captured several times in the past. Not once—has she ever gotten stuck in them. The pictures have sent her fans into panic as they cannot believe the way Rihanna towed it off—so confident! Some even called her a modern-day Jesus and wrote, “our modern day jesus walking on water. stay woke.”

Without any delay, check out the tweet and the reactions as Rihanna flawlessly walks over the subway grates in designer heels.

Exactly, how?

Modern-day Jesus!

How many of you wants to be her disciple?

Levitation powers!

It’s just a regular pavement to her.

Many of us end up stumbling, wobbling and sometimes even falling out of our shoes altogether. But not her! Rihanna owns those grates. Regardless of how the Barbadian singer manages to tread over the subway gates, one thing is for certain: It’s amazing.