A video of popular song artist K Michelle is going viral as it captures her butt implants "deflating" and sagging down as she was twerking to the tunes of Cardi B's "Up". On Feb 23, Michelle went live on her official Instagram handle with her fans and followers cheering for her as she twerked. However, while twerking it seemed like her butt "implants" which some also say maybe a butt pad deflated and sagged down leaving the singer embarrassed as she tried to adjust it. K Michelle can be seen twerking and dance to the latest number by Cardi B’s called "Up".  The singer tried hard to save the situation by holding her sagging butt but in vain. Cooking Oil Injected into Woman's Butt Who Is Now Fighting for Life After Bum Lift Goes Horribly Wrong!

For this video, K Michelle opted for a tight black dress that perfectly hugged her hourglass figure. While dancing and twerking she suddenly realises that her butt implant has deflated and she tries to salvage the situation.  The video is now going viral and people have also put it up on YouTube. Funny memes and jokes are doing rounds on the internet as well. The video is receiving mixed reactions on Twitter and Instagram.  Billionaire Dies After Penis Enlargement Surgery; Diamond Trader Reportedly had ‘Napoleon Complex’. 

K Michelle's 'Butt Implants' Deflate While Twerking to the Tunes of Cardi B's Up: 

K Michelle's butt implant surgery amongst others has never been a mystery. She has always owned up the body enhancement surgeries she has undergone. K Michelle had revealed that the reason for butt implants and silicone injections are her "insecurities".

Breast and butt implants are never easy. Just last year, a frightening breast implant botch-up case had come up. A 27-year-old woman's implants fell off her breasts after the mother-of-two underwent a breast enhancement surgery in Turkey and was suffering from discomfort and pain after that.

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