TikTok Users Share Weird Ideas They Have Had While Taking a Shower and the Results Are Hilarious
Shower Thoughts (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ TikTok)

We have all had a shower thought or two. They are the fleeting thoughts which occupy when you are scrubbing your feet and massage your hair with conditioner. And suddenly you realise you have come up with a unique way of thinking. Most of the times, none of those thoughts make any sense. Although sometimes you come with genius discovery! For TikTok users, things are pretty same, and they share weird ideas they have had while taking a shower, and the results are hilarious. Along with the viral hashtag, #ShowerThought, people are sharing the weird and brilliant ideas that pop up while they are scrubbing or applying shampoo on their hair. Best Roommate Ever? Viral TikTok Video of Girl Cleaning Friend’s Room Divides the Internet. 

TikTok has eventually become a wild space where users absolutely share anything and everything. At times, they are informative; other times, the clips can be creative or absolutely make no sense. But they are never out of content. Every hour, TikTok users come up with something or other to entertain each other. For the shower thoughts videos, the responses varied from a deep realisation about cleaning towel to happy meals. Check out the videos; there could be something interesting, you never knew! Ahi Challenge Is the Latest TikTok Craze! Users Show Off Their Cool Dance Moves in Viral Videos. 

Watch the Videos:

@thechildrenscreamDay 26 of 365 shower thoughts #foryou #showerthoughts #deepthoughts #mindblown♬ MACINTOSH PLUS - davidjimenezh

Shower Thoughts!

@thechildrenscreamDay 40 of 365 shower thoughts #foryou #showerthoughts #mindblown #deepthoughts♬ MACINTOSH PLUS - davidjimenezh

Thought About the Towel, Yet?

@itsreebaby_3Shower thoughts#fyp #itbelikethat #foyou #likecomment #inshower #confused♬ Confusion - quaintcraig

So Many Thoughts!

@hismileteethShower thoughts part 1 💦 #showerthoughts #trend #hismile #foryou #fyp♬ original sound - hismileteeth


@sadetvBro, I know! #fyp #foryoupage #foryourpage #xyzbca #viral #4u #showerthoughts #name3in5seconds♬ łøvė gäłørë - kennethjrosa

The best ideas stem while taking a shower. It isn’t only the right place to sing. Maybe it is the steam or shampoo suds that triggers random bits of brilliance. Or perhaps it is the place where technology and other people cannot distract you. Whatever it is, shower thoughts are fun. If you ever want to make any weird or life-changing discovery, grab your loofah and enjoy under the steam of hot water.