#Trashtag Challenge is The Change We Need! Social Media Challenge Urges People to Clean Dirty Places, View Pics
Pictures of Trashtag Challenge (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Social media challenges have become the next in thing today. Every few days we have a new one coming up. While not all of them are healthy or serve just the purpose of entertainment, the newest challenge on the internet, maybe just the change we needed. Called the #Trashtag Challenge, it actually asks people to make this world a cleaner place. The idea of #trashtag challenge is to clean a littered place and post pictures of the good deed. Within a few days, the trend has caught on and people all over the world are enthusiastically participating in this clean-up. It is indeed a positive social media challenge, that we needed to see. Forget Kiki and Momo Challenge, Here are 5 Positive Social Media Challenges You Should Actually Take Up.

The first use of the trend #trashtag was done back in the year 2015. But it resurfaced online when a Facebook post was directed at bored teens, asking them to be a part of this #Trashtag Challenge. It got almost a new life as many youngsters joined along with more than 25,000 posts already on Instagram alone. Netizens took up the challenge in good spirit and began cleaning the littered places that needed a makeover. People from all over the world and participating and are doing their bit for the environment. Challenging Momo Challenge? Netizens Share Positive Memes With Scary Girl Image to Reverse Negative Effect of Suicide Game.

Check Pictures of #Trashtag Challenge

Entry From Nepal

Students From Dimapur College Took Part as Well


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Potomac River in Washington DC

Park cleaned up!

Mexican Community Getting Together

Doing it as a Birthday Thing

Making a Difference


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It is indeed a positive social media challenge that has flooded the internet. With people from all over the world coming together in a cleanliness drive, it is a change the environment beckons. We have done enough of waste that somehow remains unattended and such challenges only reinstate the idea of making this world a cleaner place. Have you taken part in the #TrashtagChallenge yet?