Activisit Harish Iyer took to Twitter, accusing the Navi Mumbai Police force of rejecting his application, citing “irrelevant or needless” reason. The pooch died today morning, April 10, 2020, as his master was allegedly denied for the e-pass online. Read full story hereCheck Tweet:

An Italian student, Luca Petrogalli is at empty campus of University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The classes were suspended after it went into lockdown. But Petrogalli remained in his Wells Hall dorm room. This is how he is spending his quarantine.Watch Videos:

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A picture of peacocks sitting inside a government school in Roon, Nagaur in Rajasthan has been shared online and it perfectly gives the message of social distancing. 
Check the pic here:

Amid the lockdown, a nice Twitter exchange is taking place between all airlines functioning in the country. Started by Indigo with Air Vistara, it was joined by Go Air, Spice Jet, Air Asia and even the Delhi Airport. The heartful exchange between airlines discussing how staying at home is a safe feeling. Read the story here. Check The Twitter Exchange Between Airlines:

Vistara's Reply to IndiGoGoAir Joins in  

Video of two labradors wanting to play with one bone is going viral. One of the labs very strategically manages to take away the bone which the other one drops it. The video has impressed netizens. Watch video here:

A recent clip by the Ohio Department of Health has won praises online for accurately describing the risk of COVID-19 spread if we do not follow social distancing. Read the story here.Watch the video here:

With increasing fear of Earth coming to an end, the CEO of SpaceX took to Twitter, commenting 'Oh God, the Economy' in a picture displaying an asteroid approaching towards the Earth. Read the entire story here.Check Tweet:

A viral video of two toddlers who are best friend hugging each other after 2 months of coronavirus lockdown comes to an end goes viral on the internet. Watch video:

South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa and ministers will take a 33% pay cut for the next three months to help the country weather the COVID-19 pandemic as Lockdown extends in the country for two weeks. Netizens appreciate the president:South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa and ministers will take a 33% pay cut for the next three months, and the money will be diverted towards social and economic relief measures to help the country weather the Covid-19 pandemic.


Good morning! The day starts with positive quotes, wishes and posts doing the rounds on Twitter. Check Tweets:


The weekend is almost here with today being Friday. Although, in quarantine, you may not understand what day is it today. But then those working from home who have fixed weekend off, still await Friday very much. Friday feeling and Friday thoughts have thus started trending on Twitter. As we move through this day, we will keep you all updated with other trending topics, funny memes and viral videos of the day.

April 10 marks a few important observances around the world. It happens to be Good Friday today. It is a day that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. So while it is not a happy celebration, people will exchange quotes from the Bible, images of Jesus Christ and messages online. We will keep you updated on that bit. Plus, another important celebration is Siblings Day in the US. Due to the current lockdown situation, people will share their feelings for their brother/sister online. If there are interesting trends related to Siblings Day, we will keep you updated. It is also World Homeopathy Day tomorrow. It is to commemorate the birthday of Dr Hahnemann, the founder of Homoeopathy.

The quarantine life is getting out some of the best things on social media. It could be funny Twitter trends or bizarre viral videos. Social media thus becomes an important form of entertainment in this time of crisis. Stay tuned with this section as we will bring to you the funniest trends, memes and viral videos.