An amazing video has been shared on Twitter which shows a big pod of fish following a duck in a water body. There are over hundreds of fish who are following a baby duck. Watch the video here:

A video of a man operating an elevator with the help of a mobile app, thus making contactless operations is going viral on social media amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Watch the video here: 

A funny video has been shared online which shows a house cat scaring off a tiger. The cat does not seem scared by the wild cat, who is caged.Watch the video here:

A picture of a pug hiding in a garden has been shared on Twitter, asking netizens to find it out. The riddle is confusing some, trying hard to find the hidden dog.Check the pic here:

A video of little Kiara is going viral where she can be seen playing the game by the beach with three other humans and her performance will make your day. Read the entire story here.Watch Video:

A cute video of a man pouring wine from his window to her's is going viral. He said that the girl was banging pots for healthcare workers. The video is now viral:

A video shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Officer Parveen Kaswan shows a huge family of elephants taking a stroll in what seems to be a sanctuary. The video has taken over the internet. Watch video:

Good morning, Sunday! People are sharing inspirational #SundayThoughts & #SundayMotivation posts online to spread positivity. To check tweets:


It's a Sunday and are you resting in? Well, the work from home situation can get easy or complexing, depending on where you work. So all said and done, a Sunday is indeed a day to rest and relax. And it is always a bit relaxing to go through some positive thoughts and quotes. So #SundayMotivation and #SundayThoughts have also begun to trend on Twitter since morning. You can read through some and feel better. Throughout the day, we will keep you tuned in to some funny memes, viral videos which have a funny take to it. So stay tuned in.

The current situation of Coronavirus has forced people in most countries within their homes. With nothing much to entertain, people are constantly over social media looking for some entertainment or news updates. Social media plays a crucial role in times like these, since there are also a lot of funny videos and instances being shared online. Being in quarantine has got out a creative side of many people and it is all online, so you can also seek inspiration. #QuarantineActivites and #QuarantineAndChill are the everyday trending hashtags. We will try and get you funny stuff from here.

Memes are a forever content which is loved by especially the current gen. We will also try and get you the newest meme formats that are coming in on the internet. There are numerous instances and uplifting stories amid coronavirus which are reported from different parts of the world. So stay tuned in to us as we will try and get you the best of positive news, funny memes and viral videos of the day.