Twitter user, Sudha Ramen, an IFS officer shared pictures of a kingfisher feasting on snake. The thread showing the bird's hunt has mesmerized netizens.View Thread:

The coronavirus spread has led many countries go under lockdown. Italy has about 1,28,948 total cases of COVID-19 with more than 15,000 deaths. A timelapse video captured unusually empty roads amid the lockdown.Watch Video:

Indian journalist, Sreenivasan Jain tweeted if haircut can be declared as an essential service. Twitterati was quick to respond, ‘Yes, please!’ in unison for opening parlours and salons. Jain’s tweet has since gone viral, and so far achieved over seven thousand likes and hundreds of retweets. Read the full story here.Here's the Tweet:

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A funny clip shows a man fully dressed up in black and wearing a skeleton mask and trying to shoo away violators from the road. Watch the video here:

The introvert vs extrovert in quarantine memes is here to stay as Twitterati continues to chuckle at the painfully relatable jokes describing their lives at home. Read the full story here.Check some tweets:

The city of Chennai experienced showers today and people have taken to twitter to express the joy of change in weather. #ChennaiRains is among the top trends of the day. Read the full story hereCheck some tweets here:

A video of a black slimy creature, looking like a group of worms stuck together is going viral on Twitter. People are reminded of Venom. Watch video:

Amid lockdown, people have opted to cut their hair at home. #CoronaCut is becoming an emerging trend on Twitter. Check out pictures that show that not everyone is a great hairdresser:


A newlywed bride and groom were arrested for getting married amidst Coronvirus lockdown. Around 53 guests were present at the wedding in South Africa. Read the entire story here.

A California woman has been arrested for licking groceries worth $1,800 and other items at a supermarket in the northern part of the state. Officers located the suspect, identified as Jennifer Walker with a shopping cart full of items inside the store. Read the entire story here.

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It is Thursday! Time for another day, work and lot many viral challenges entertaining all of us, as we all follow the protocol by staying at homes. Social media has been playing a vital role these days. With people being forced to remain inside, internet users are doing their best to keep everyone captivated and entertained at the same time. For all the latest memes, videos and moments going viral, we keep you updated in this latest blog. Stay in tune with this blog to know the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day that netizens are sharing on April 9, 2020.

The Jewish festival Passover has begun and so the Holy Week for Christians. The observations which otherwise involves a visit to Church and family gatherings are restricted this time. Individuals will mark the respective holidays at their home, maintain social distance. In fact, netizens are also encouraging each to observe the festivals at home and respect the protocol, an urgency during the pandemic. Besides, there are many hashtags running on Twitter each hour, displaying what the netizens are gripped at that moment. For Thursday, we are expecting more viral trends in the coming hours.

We will bring you all the latest updates from the social media world. Stay in tune with us and know everything that is captivating netizens across while continuing with the quarantine. Happy Thursday, everyone!