Introvert vs Extrovert Funny Memes Are Here to Stay As Twitterati Chuckles at These Painfully Relatable Jokes Describing Quarantine Life
Introvert vs Extrovert Funny Memes (Photo Credits: @MominMubashar/ @ThexImiko/ Twitter)

How is your quarantine period going? Those who cherished their time alone at home were already experts at voluntarily self-isolation. But extroverts are going crazy! Staying at home is a different experience for introverts and extroverts. While for extroverts, it is the hardest thing in their life they are doing at the moment, introverts are filling their hours with the usual activities they enjoy. Internet rightly pointed that out! Above many things else, social media users are having a field time making fun of these two people. The introvert vs extrovert memes is here to stay as Twitterati continues to chuckle at the painfully relatable jokes describing their quarantine life. Extroverts vs Introverts in Quarantine Funny Memes: Jokes on How Different People Are Dealing With Social Distancing Trend Online. 

Social distancing is not a new concept to introverts, and they are participating in flattening the curve since forever. While many of us are struggling to adjust in this new life amid a pandemic, introverts continue to thrive despite the changes. Because it is just another day for them! Extroverts countdown the hours until they are able to communicate with their friends, via any virtual means necessary, introverts routine has hardly changed. Unless, even they are living with families or friends and hating this time for they being at home. Twitterati is getting a good chuckle from these painfully relatable memes; the internet is dishing out. Coronavirus Self-Distancing Satire Memes Go Viral and They Are Too Relatable if You Are Isolating Yourselves to Prevent Catching COVID-19. 

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What seems like an eternity on day ten of quarantine for extroverts, it is just another day for introverts. And if they are working from home, the introverts are probably living in paradise. The laughs will continue for long this period extends. Which one are you?