13 Aug, 21:37 (IST)

A super cute video of a little girl teaching her two cats at home goes viral! Watch video:

13 Aug, 20:09 (IST)

Cute video of two kittens goes viral. Watch video:

13 Aug, 17:45 (IST)
A US-based wildlife photographer was surprised on checking his camera trap set for bobcats in the wild. Jeff Wirth has shared the pictures online.Check Out the Photos Below:
13 Aug, 15:55 (IST)

NASA has tweeted some beautiful pictures of Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun. The Red planet looks amazing in never seen before avatar.Check Out The Pictures Here:

13 Aug, 14:21 (IST)

A hilarious video of a smart baby removing a small kitchen door which was to keep her away, has gone viral. As the video was being shared widely, Twitterati called her a genius.Watch The Video Below:

13 Aug, 13:02 (IST)

A Nilgiri marten was captured on camera and the video is now viral on social media. Indian Forest Services officer Sudha Ramen shared the clip on social media.Watch Video:

13 Aug, 12:05 (IST)

A video shows a littie boy crying his eyes out at the idea of schools reopening. Shared by Finance Secretary, Arvind Mayaram, the hilarious clip has gone viral.Watch Video:

13 Aug, 10:31 (IST)

A Koala made a surprise visit to the residents of this home in Australia. It seems to be fascinated with all the gym equipment in the garage, as the video goes viral.Watch Video:

13 Aug, 09:14 (IST)

It is the birth anniversary of bollywood actress, Sridevi. Fans have taken to Twitter to pay their tributes to the late actress.Check Tweets:

13 Aug, 08:10 (IST)

Netizens woke up to meaningful and motivational good morning messages on social media. This is why #ThursdayThoughts can be seen trending on Twitter with beautiful quotes and images to start the day.Check Tweets:

It's almost the weekend, just today and tomorrow to go. But if you are too demotivated and looking for some positivity to start your day with, then netizens are there to help you out. #ThursdayThoughts, #ThursdayMotivation and #ThrowbackThursday are some of the trending hashtags on Twitter this morning and people are sharing positive vibe quotes and messages. Throughout the day, we will try and keep you updated with all the other trending news of the day. Be it funny memes or viral videos, we will try and keep you updated through this section.

August 13 marks the celebrations of few important events like International Lefthanders Day and Organ Donation Day. While the former celebrates the uniqueness and spreads awareness about lefties, organ donation encourages people towards doing the good deed of donation. So awareness messages and quotes are likely to trend online on social media. It is also the birthday of late Bollywood actress Sridevi. Fans of the actress are likely to share her photos, movie trivia and birthday wishes and tributes to her. We will keep you updated on the related trends of the day.

While the world is seeing more and more worrying news updates, in this section we will give you happy updates, funny memes, tweets and videos. Social media is a great place to know what is happening around the world on a few clicks. In this section, we will bring you all the updates from the world of social media. The viral trends, hashtags, posts, images, memes and videos that are spreading joy amid these tough times. Happy Thursday!