07 Aug, 21:00 (IST)

The video shows a woman hitting the balls towards the cat using a golf stick. And the cat who is standing attentively in front of the little goal post, gets on its rear paws and amazingly catches the ball.Watch Video:

07 Aug, 20:14 (IST)

It seems like #binod funny memes and jokes are here to stay as reactions and tweets continue to trend on Twitter. Who is Binod? Know the full story HERE.Check Tweets:

07 Aug, 19:06 (IST)

An adorable video of a dog with cerebellar hypoplasia playing in a puddle has gone viral. The enjoyment that the good boy shows in the video is too adorable to miss and internet is in love with the pooch.Watch Video:

07 Aug, 17:35 (IST)

Binod funny meme trend has taken over social media with hilarious posts and jokes. Mumbai Police too joins the hilarious trend, but to share an important message on online safety.Check Tweet:

07 Aug, 16:12 (IST)

Video of a lion cub trying to play with his mother while she was taking a nap has gone viral. While the lioness was enjoying her nap in the grasslands, the cub jumped and cuddled his mother, so as to play with her.Watch Video:

07 Aug, 14:35 (IST)

A very funny video of two kitties having a chat has been shared on Twitter and it is too cute. A video has caught purring them cutely to each other. Watch The Video:

07 Aug, 13:17 (IST)

A funny video of a little girl trying to imitate a somersault is too funny. The TikTok video was shared on Twitter and it is now going viral.Check The Video Here:

07 Aug, 12:13 (IST)

A Twitter user's tweet punning on the months of 2020 and how the year is going so far is too apt. It is going viral as well.Check It Here:

07 Aug, 10:22 (IST)

August 7 is celebrated as National Handloom Day. On this day, people are exchanging messages and wishes appreciating the fabric on social media.Check Some Tweets:

07 Aug, 09:17 (IST)

Funny memes and jokes on "Binod" are trending on social media this morning. It all started with a random YouTube comment and blew up into a viral trend. Read more here.Check Some Here:

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Good morning, everyone! Wake up to another day filled with hopes and new opportunities. It is a difficult time for all of us. With everything that is happening across the world, it can be challenging to stay motivated throughout the day. This is why social media has been playing a significant role by sharing light-hearted content with each passing day. As of now, #FridayMotivation and #FridayFeels are trending on Twitter, and more viral hashtags are expected to surface online in the coming hours. To know the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day, watch out this space and know what netizens are sharing today, August 7, 2020.

Along with the ongoing battle with the pandemic, the world is also reeling from the horrific explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. Post the unfortunate incident, videos and photos have surfaced on social media platforms showing massive destruction and how people are dealing with it and make a new beginning. Again, the continuous rainfall in India’s financial capital, Mumbai, Maharashtra, has created flooded streets and waterlogged lanes, crippling cities lifelines. Amid the difficult times, there are some light-hearted videos that help spread much-needed joy among netizens.

To know what has captivated netizens across social media, stay in tune with this blog. Like every day, we will bring you all the latest updates from the world of social media. Happy Friday, everyone!