06 Jul, 21:08 (IST)

The video of these adorable lion cubs discovering their ‘natural’ seesaw has gone viral on social media for all the right reason. Read the full story hereWatch Video:

06 Jul, 20:28 (IST)

A walker spotted a jellyfish swimming in a rock pool. She captured the beautiful moment on camera and shared the video on social media while enjoying a beautiful sunset off the coast of Australia.Watch Video:

06 Jul, 18:58 (IST)

The Indian cricketer, MS Dhoni will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, July 7. As the big day approaches, Twitterati is trending #MSDhoni, wishing him Happy Birthday in Advance.Check Tweets:

06 Jul, 17:39 (IST)

Women are trending #SareeTwitter on social media, with pictures of themselves in saree. Showing off their desi looks, the pictures accompanied with #SareeTwitter are all glamorous.View Pics:

06 Jul, 16:25 (IST)

A video shows bird of prey capturing a huge shark-like fish at the Myrtle Beach in Southern California. The clip shows what appears to be a large hawk-like bird flying over the shore with a large fish, struggling to get free from its talons.Watch Video:

06 Jul, 14:52 (IST)

Video of a baby elephant drinking milk from a bottle has gone viral on social media. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust shared the adorable clip on Twitter.Watch The Video Below:

06 Jul, 13:39 (IST)
A Congresswoman stopped the New York traffic to help a duck and her ducklings to cross the road. The video her helping the little ones have gone viral.Watch The Video Below:
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Duck Crossing #whatisnewyork (@kellysuhr)

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06 Jul, 12:27 (IST)

On Saawan Somwar, people have taken to Twitter sending greetings and wishes to their loved ones. Twitterati are also posting photos of Lord Shiva on their social media.Check Out The Tweets Below:

Happy Saawan Somwar!

06 Jul, 10:46 (IST)

People have taken to Twitter sending birthday wishes to the 14th Dalai Lama on his birthday. People also posting his quotes on social media.Check out The Birthday Wishes Below:

Happy Birthday

06 Jul, 08:23 (IST)

On Monday morning, people have taken to Twitter wishing everyone on a new Monday morning. Many are posting tweets with the hashtag #MondayMorning and #MondayMotivation.Check Out The Tweets Below:

Find The Purpose!

It’s Monday! Like it or not, we arrived at the first working day of the week. After the weekend, it does take a lot of motivation to sit in front of your workdays to begin the week. And that is why netizens are sharing #MondayMotivation and #MondayThoughts accompanied by good morning messages. Again, there sure will be more videos and funny memes that will keep you upbeat throughout the day. In this blog, we will bring you all the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day. So, watch out this space to know what netizens are sharing today, July 6.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, and it has been a difficult time for everyone. But yet, every morning, we all, in our own small way, are trying to keep ourselves entertained so that we can continue adjusting in this ‘new normal.’ Social media has sure played a significant role during this time. With the increase in using the various social media platforms, people are hooked on their mobile phones more than ever. And thanks to the funny memes and videos that people still find a way to spread happiness during a difficult time.

July 6 also marks International Kissing Day; hence there will be a lot of tweets and posts on social media. We will keep you updated with everything that is trending on the internet. Happy Monday!