16 Sep, 20:21 (IST)

Facebook user Robert Wilson Barnes could not control his anger when he saw the text written on his wife's sandwich. However, after checking with the cafe he realised what it really meant.Check Out the Facebook Post Below:

16 Sep, 17:54 (IST)

Video of a puppy pulling a prank on a human has gone viral on social media. Most Twitterati commented saying that this has to be the cutest animal ever. The clip has been shared over 9.1 million times on Twitter.Watch the Video Below:

16 Sep, 14:59 (IST)

As per reports, K-pop group, BTS is back to work after ending their extended period of break and Twitter can't keep calm.Check Tweet:

Another one

16 Sep, 14:02 (IST)

The festival of Onam was celebrated last week and one of the videos from the celebrations is going viral. In the video, a woman is seen dancing the Puli Kali traditional dance, which is usually reserved for the males. The video is heartwarming to see.

Watch the video here:

16 Sep, 12:31 (IST)

September 16 is observed as International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. Also known as World Ozone Day, the day highlights the importance to protect the ozone layer from further depletion. People took to Twitter about the importance of the shield that protects Earth from ultra-violet rays of the Sun. Read more about the day here.Check Out The Tweets Here:

Let's Strive For a Green Planet

16 Sep, 11:21 (IST)

A few days back everyone was amused by JCBs and JCB memes were among the top trends in the country. Now a few days later a fun video has come up online which will take you back to the JCB meme madness. But here the man uses JCB machine to pull out some water and take bath!Watch the funny video here:

16 Sep, 10:23 (IST)

What would you do when the boss is not around? That is fun in most offices, right? That has become a hashtag on Twitter and people are sharing some best memes and instances when the boss is not around. Some of the jokes and memes are just too funny.Check the Best Memes and Reactions on #WhenTheBossAintAround:

16 Sep, 08:46 (IST)

Its time to begin the new week and if you are looking for some motivation to begin the day, netizens are to your rescue. #GoodMorningMonday, #MondayMotivation and #MondayThoughts have started trending on Twitter.Check some tweets here:

A new week begins and are you seeking some motivation to start the day ahead? Then #MondayMotivation and #MondayThoughts are already trending on the microblogging platform of Twitter. These positive quotes and inspirational images will inspire you to get kicking about the new day. Other than these daily trends, we will keep you updated with all the latest happenings in the viral zone. So if there are viral videos, funny memes and twitter threads, we will try and give you all the updates in this section.

September 16 marks an important observation of International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. It is a day that focuses on issues of climate change and ozone depletion. This event commemorates the date of the signing of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in 1987. So if there's anything related that trends online, we will try and cover it here. It also happens to be Mexican Independence Day today.

Social media has proved very beneficial in getting the world closer. Global trends are easier to keep a tab on with these social media platforms. So even if a video goes viral somewhere else or a story is too funny to be missed out on, we will try and give you all the updates here. So stay tuned with us in this section as we try and cover the best memes, funny videos and all the trends online.