Video shared by IFS officer Sudha Ramen showing 2 giraffes fighting 'neck to neck' literally goes viral. Watch Video:

Video of a llama and its owner are going from house to house to deliver food in remote parts of Wales amidst COVID-19 has gone viral on social media platforms.Watch The Video Below:

Video of a baby elephant enjoying a mud bath in Bandhavgarh National Park has gone viral. The adorable one can be taking trying to dig up the earth using its trunk.Watch The Video Below:

A man calmly rescued a cobra that was hiding on the roof of a house. He picked the snake with a stick and then held him in hand, he was calm throughout.Watch the video here:

The reports of NASA discovering a parallel universe was enough for netizens to start dreaming of the possibilities. Funny memes and reactions have started coming in about living in the parallel universe. Read more hereCheck Funny Memes and Reactions on Parallel Universe:

Something's Fishy!
What If...

An otter named Lincoln loves playing with the CCTV camera at Oregon zoo. A video has captured him tapping and meddling with it multiple times.Check the video here:

A very cute interaction of man-animal has been captured in a TikTok video. A cow is seen convincing a woman, who she visits regularly to talk to her. The woman is supposedly angry at the cow for not turning up.Check the cute video here:

The weekend is here and if you are looking for some Friday Motivation, it is up on Twitter too. #FridayMotivation and #FridayFeeling thoughts are trending on Twitter.

Check tweets here:

It's finally Friday and social media users are quite happy about finally reaching the weekend. Even though working from home, netizens are glad that they have two stress-free days. And many are sharing their thoughts with the hashtags #FridayFeeling and #FridayMotivations. People across countries who are home due to lockdown are sharing their isolation stories on the internet. And the rest are sending Good morning wishes, inspirational quotes and motivational thoughts. And as the day progresses, stay tuned with this blog to know about the latest updates in the trending world. From funny memes, hilarious GIFs, viral videos, latest Facebook posts and tweets, we promise to keep you updated about everything happening on the internet.

May 22 marks various festivals and events around the world. Vat Savitri Vrat, a festival observed by Hindu women is celebrated on this day. On this day, they fast and pray for the well-being of their husbands. It also marks

International Day for Biological Diversity which promotes the importance of varying ecosystems and the need to save it. It also marks World Goth Day which the official World Goth Day site defines as "a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate its own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world."

May 22 marks the birth anniversary of Raja Ram Mohan Roy who is considered as the 'Father of Indian Renaissance'. It also birthdays of celebrities and popular figures like Arthur Conan Doyle, Naomi Campbell, Novak Djokovic, Sarfaraz Ahmed, The Great Gama, EAS Prasanna, Katie Price, Maggie Q and

Ginnifer Goodwin among others. We wish you a Happy Friday and a great weekend ahead.