Two men, identified as Ng Whye Hoong and Mohamad Fazrien Mohd Ziear, was filmed fighting at a toll plaza in a viral video. According to media reports Ng's car had overtaken Fazrien's van before braking in front of the vehicle. Both the drivers stepped out at Plaza Tol Bukit Kiara, a densely forested area of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Now they have sentenced one day in jail and RM1000 each as fine.Watch the Viral Video:

A black panther found roaming the rooftops near the northern French city of Lille like a stray cat. The regional fire department tweeted pictures of the big cat, one of which showed it peering in the top-floor window of a three-storey red-brick building. Click here to watch the video. 

A group of volunteers when spotted the dolphins trapped in a canal, they decided to team up and rescue them. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission teamed up with marine biologists to rescue a group of dolphins. The animals were reportedly lost in the area for days. The rescue workers formed a human chain and guided the dolphins using the sounds and vibrations of the water.Watch Viral Video:

Anthony always put Bobo, his dog first ahead of anything. When Bobo disappeared, the homeless man was devastated and it was unlikely that the pair would ever reunite. Thanks to Memphis Animal Services, the lost pooch was found and was reunited with Anthony. Seeing the happy dog, he could not hold back his tears. Their reunision is the best thing on the internet. Once again the pair will brace the streets of Memphis, Tennessee.Watch the Viral Video:

To every Friends fan, the best thing today will be something called “friends glossary”. If you go to google and type in friends glossary, you get a term from the show with its meaning. And the fun part is, you get a new term every time! Or just keep clicking on "another word" to extend your friends vocabulary. Read the entire story here. 

The official account of the microblogging website created some buzz by simply tweeting two words. This soon went viral and we got to see some reactions that make it difficult to put our phones down. Read the entire story here. Check Tweet:

Another one

BCCI shared a photo of Ravi Shastri and Rahul Dravid on Friday on their official Twitter account, however, they were mercilessly trolled by Twitter users for the caption on the photo. Read the entire story here.Check Tweet:

Remember the wildly popular Facebook fake event about "storming" Area 51? It inspired plans for an enormous alien-themed party in the Nevada desert. Jokes and memes take over the internet.Check Tweets:


Madame Tussauds released the waxwork of Beyonce and it is going viral ever since. The tweet read: "It's time to bow down to THE QUEEN" and we agree!Take a Look at Beyonce's Waxwork:

It's finally Friday and social media users could not have been happier. People have taken to the internet sharing their thoughts on reaching the last day of the week. Twitterati is posting messages with the hashtag #FridayFeeling and #Friyay. People are simply waiting for the day to end and get into the weekend mode. Meanwhile, some are also sharing motivational thoughts and inspirational quotes on social media platforms wishing everyone a great start to the day. And as the day progresses, we promise to keep you updated about everything happening on social media through this live blog. From funny memes, viral videos, hilarious tweets, to latest Facebook post, we ensure you to keep you on the top on social media game.

Meanwhile, September 20 marks Shri Dnyaneshwari Jayanti which marks the birth anniversary of Sant Dnyaneshwar. He was revered 13th century Marathi saint and philosopher. The day also marks Sree Narayana Guru Samadhi in Kerala. The social reformer had died on September 20 in 1928. Narayana Guru was born on August 28, 1855, in a lower caste family. He led various reforms against injustice and the caste system in Kerala. The state will witness various events remembering the great mind.

Twiter is meanwhile in a celebratory mood. People have already started discussing their evening plans, while some think they deserve a good night's sleep. However, some are upping for the weekend. And before the fun begins, we hope you a great Friday and sail into your Saturday smoothly.