Who is Toad From Mario Kart? Know More About This Mushroom-Head Character made Famous by Stormy Daniels
Toad from Mario Kart (Photo credits: Twitter)

The game of Mario has so many memories attached to everyone. The music, collecting mushrooms to gain strength and rescuing the princess, game has been a favourite among the game lovers and still continues to be for some. Now Toad, a character from Mario Kart has made it to the internet trends, the reason, however, is disappointing. Stormy Daniels' made a remark on US President Donald Trump's penis and compared it to Toad, the mushroom head character from Mario Kart. The fictional character is a helper to the real hero of the game- Mario. But he is also the protagonist in some games. Not just 'BIG' Nuclear Button, Donald Trump is Proud of His Tool Too! US President is Livid on Stormy Daniel's Mario Kart Toadhead Claims. 

Toad is a playful character and a loyal helper of Mario. In appearance, he is a noseless character who wears a mushroom hat. His head of a mushroom is the more prominent part than his fatty bellied body. He is very small in size, and has no legs but just shows his shoes. No one would have thought he could be ever compared to someone's manhood. As Toad trends on social media, let us tell you more about the character.

Know Everything About Toad From Mario Kart:

  • Toad may have appeared as a helper in most of the games but he is also given a protagonist character in Super Mario Bros. 2, Wario's Woods, Super Mario 3D World. But his first ever game is Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
  • Although he looks like a mushroom in appearance, it is not one. There is no power up of Toad as in other Mario games.
  • Although he is commonly referred to as a 'he', the character has no gender. The producer of the game had said both Toad and Toadette take on gendered appearances and characteristics, but neither have specific genders.
  • He is one of the innocent and humble characters in the game. He may come across as a coward but he tries to help Mario in many ways, despite his fears. He has been given different abilities in different games.
  • In Super Mario Bros 2, he is the strongest character while in In Wario's Woods, Toad can run up walls and make strong kicks. In the New Super Mario Bros. Wii, he has similar abilities as Mario and Luigi, such as ground pound and wall jumping. In the Super Smash Bros. series, he can defend whenever he is attacked. He can emit spores like a real mushroom.

Take a look at a video to know more about Toad:

Toad has been an ideal character so far until Stormy Daniels' assassinated its appearance and made such a comparison. Toad an innocent character from a game, now has phallic representations and we are sure the true lovers of the game and Toad would not be happy.