Sania Mirza Shares an Adorable Selfie With a Decorated Christmas Tree, Shows Guitar With Name of Son 'Izhaan' Written On it
Izhaan Mirza Malik | Sania Mirza | (Photo Credits: Instagram @MirzaSaniaR)

Sania Mirza shared an adorable picture of a Christmas tree on her Instagram account, on December 25, celebrating the festivities of joy. The ace Tennis Indian player is seen holding a guitar in her hand, and the glow of motherhood was clearly seen on her face. However, all didn’t go well with her fans, as they slammed her for celebrating the festival.

Sania is seen staring at the decorated wall in her Christmas. There are a lot of different dates on the wall, and it left the fans wondering if they are random or do they depict anything else. Sania Mirza Posts Son Izhaan's Smiling Picture on Instagram: See Izhaan Mirza Malik Being a Cutie Patootie.

Also, if one observes carefully, the name of his son, Izhaan, is seen on the top corner of the guitar she is holding. Perhaps, giving the impression that it is his first Christmas gift. The star Tennis player shared the beautiful picture on the photo-sharing platform with a cute caption.

Here’s what Sania Mirza shared on Instagram on the day of Christmas 2018:


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Recently, Sania Mirza had shared a photograph which showed her family posing with the President Ram Nath Kovind. Earlier, Sania had shared the first picture of his son Izhaan on Instagram which has garnered half a million likes already. Currently, Sania is a break from playing Tennis. However, the perks of being a mother to a newly-born are more than wielding racquet, right?