New Delhi, November 23: Artificial Intelligence has become the most important topic of this era. With ChatGPT introducing its latest ChatGPT-4, Elon Musk introducing Grok AI, and Google planning to launch its new Gemini AI, the future of artificial intelligence poses new opportunities for businesses and individuals and, to some, a threat. Many experts in the industry have addressed that AI may take human jobs. According to the reports, the Former CEO of Microsoft shared his thoughts on AI and how it would affect the jobs.

According to reports, Bill Gates said that "AI won't take your job", but instead, it will change it forever. He added that humans will work "three days a week", and machines can make all the "food and stuff". Bill Gates thinks that technology may replace humans but also could make it possible for them to ease up their work. Windows Hello Authentication: Researchers Bypass Windows Hello Fingerprint Authentication on Laptops from Dell, Lenovo and Microsoft.

Bill Gates's Thoughts on AI Taking Over Human Jobs:

According to a Business Insider report, the Former CEO of Microsoft shared his thoughts with Trevor Noah on his podcast episode of "What Now?". The report said that when Trevor asked him about the "threat of AI to jobs, " Bill Gates replied. There could be times when humans will not need to work so hard. He then opened up about a society where people must work for three days; then, it would be okay. In July 2023, Bill Gates published a blog post on "risks of AI", saying the employees may require training and support as the workplace transforms. Sam Altman Fires OpenAI Board Members Who Sacked Him, Adam D'Angelo Survives.

Bill Gates considers AI a powerful tool that society will eventually learn to control and use. The idea of doing three-day work is a relaxing thought. AI may take up different types of jobs and perform various tasks. These tasks may involve helping humans to cook, clean and others. According to a Times of India report, Bill Gates does not think artificial intelligence will bring a big revolution but could be limited to personal computers. 

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