A new social network, called COLCO, is expanding its wings across the world to offer a unique platform, where one can earn by selling digital content like videos and ebooks, or get hired for jobs and freelance work. COLCO enables small businesses to sell their services directly to the end customers with targeted sales.

While HRs and recruiters spend a lot of money on job postings and they hire at a slower pace after posting on job portals and social networks, they can hire on COLCO with unlimited job postings by getting automated leads for free. The process is prompt and seamless. Interestingly, employees, freelancers, and service providers can get paid directly for their work on COLCO with zero platform charges.

People and businesses can tell their amazing intimate stories via Audio Expressions, so one can connect and collaborate authentically. COLCO is believed to be the world’s first app that has a feature like that.

Started with the vision to smoothen collaborations and enable trust, COLCO is now growing into a community of doers and collaborators who are being benefitted out of it. While there are several initiatives that roughly resemble the nature of COLCO in some aspects, the Founder claims that none of them are as advanced and seamlessly coherent as them. For instance, Patreon, Substack, and Podia exist as monetization tools for creators, where one can sell digital content, but one has to market on other social media with paid ads to get sales.

“Similarly, Naukri, Indeed, and LinkedIn exist for jobs, but they are limited in the number of free job postings and the targeted reach that they offer. Also, platforms like IndiaMART, TradeIndia and similar exist for businesses, but they aren’t on a global level. As far as COLCO goes, all the leads are fresh and updated in real-time, so that the targeted sales can happen smoothly with higher conversion rates,” says a member from the COLCO team.