Google Maps Introduces Commute Tab, Integrates Music Apps Like Google Play Music, Apple Music & Spotify
Google Maps Commute Feature (Photo Credit: New York Post)

Google has rolled out a new feature in Maps application that will guide the user with quickest routes to reach their destination. This new feature can be obtained through an update via Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The updated Google Maps will showcase a commute tab, where users can choose from the various destination that they travel on a daily basis such as work, gym, doctor or general stores.

The commute tab not only guides the users with the best route but also shows different parameters like real-time traffic updates, local transport availability and much more. Huawei Y9 2019 Smartphone with Kirin 710 SoC and Four Cameras Officially Announced.

Google has partnered with Transport New South Wales in Sydney. This partnership helps users in Sydney to get the status update of crowded local trains and buses. The update also notifies delays in public transportation services. Another feature of this update is the mixed-mode commutes. This mode allows people with multiple modes of transport to get reminders like when to leave, which transit to take and so on to reach the destination at an estimated time. Telegram Desktop App Leaks Users’ IP Addresses During Voice Call

Google has already rolled out this new update over 80 regions and would do so further. The crucial last feature added to this update is thoughtful. Why so?, because Google knows that there are users who love to listen to music during their transits. What better way to make it better with Google Maps, it is the integration of music apps like Google Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify. With this, users can simultaneously check their next route to be taken as well as play/pause the next song or browse the music content, without changing the application.