New Delhi, July 3: Google is reportedly working on a new feature for Google Maps that could make group travel much easier. The new development, known as the Multi-Car Navigation feature, is expected to simplify journeys involving multiple vehicles. Google Maps' new feature, highlighted in a recent patent filing, might change the way groups of people coordinate their trips. By providing a way for multiple cars to follow the same route and stay connected, the innovation from Google Maps is anticipated to enhance the travel experience.

As per a report of Live Mint, Google Maps new patent reveals a feature designed for group travel. The Multi-Car Navigation feature is expected to allow several vehicles to share and follow the same route for everyone to arrive at the destination together. It can be particularly useful for family trips, convoys and events where group coordination is essential. Microsoft Outlook New Feature: Tech Giant Launches New In-Line Poll Experience in Outlook Web To Help Users Create Polls Within Email Threads; Check More Details.

According to a report of Gadgets360, the patent, called "Providing Navigation Instructions to One Device in View of Another Device" is for a navigation service that can help several people travelling to the same place from different starting points. It can get access to the user's calendar and messages to understand their travel plans. If it finds that multiple users are going to the same place, it can coordinate their travel by sending them invites to join group navigation and give them directions to reach the destination around the same time. Meta To Overturn Ban on ‘Shaheed’ Word Following Oversight Board Recommendations.

Users can also expect to manually request multi-car navigation, displaying all travellers' locations, highlighting shared routes, and suggesting meeting points. The system might also advise speed adjustments to keep the group together, share traffic data from the lead vehicle, notify route deviations and will likely recommend stops to help others catch up. Multiple reports also indicate that Google Maps may soon allow users to select a lead car, link it with other vehicles and use voice chat to coordinate with fellow travellers.

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