Google 'Measure' Application Available on More Devices, But is it as Good as Apple 'Measure'?
The Google Measure app (Photo credits: Google)

With more and more applications introduced for our comfort, Google launched the Measure app, which works as a virtual measuring tape. The Google Measure app was earlier compatible with limited devices- ones that supported Project Tango. Project Tango was Google's augmented reality computing platform. With an update in the measuring app, it is now available on more Android devices including Google Pixel 2, Galaxy S9, Sony and several other phones. However, in comparison to the competition of Apple Measure, the one by Google is not so good.

The updated Google Measures has better features like improved visuals and controls to make it easier to measure whatever you point your phone at. Earlier this month, Apple announced the iOS 12's newest features which have some of the augmented reality applications. The Measure app was one of its additions, allowing users to measure 3D objects just by pointing the camera to it.

After the Google's update on Measure, although it offers more with compatibility the application is still not as developed as the Apple counterpart. Google Measure has a poor depth perception so it cannot measure the depth of the object very well. It will work fine if it is in a well-lit place. It cannot be used on surfaces which do not have a pattern, like a plastic surface. It can also botch up some measurements. If not taken account of the surface you are measuring, it can give wrong measurements. In conclusion, Google Measure cannot really be trusted with any major construction projects. But it works well for most basic measuring tasks.