Google Symptom Search Introduced in India: Get Answers to Your Health Queries on an Instant
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We all at some point have Googled the symptoms to see what kind of disease or disorder we are suffering from. We do our own research on the internet before we actually go and consult a doctor. Google India seems to have picked this trait and thus introduced the new Symptom Search feature. Now users can find out more about medical conditions on their mobiles with this new option. Google will be adding symptoms of common searches to the interface.

Now, whenever the user searches for a symptom related to cough and pain, the application will show a list of related conditions. For a symptom like 'sardard,' the app will show digital cards providing users an overview description and also give some information on what kind of treatment to follow. It is currently in both Hindi and English language. And to ensure that no wrong information goes up on the widely used platform, the application has tied up with Apollo Hospitals.

About 1% of the searches on Google are symptom-related. With the introduction of this new feature, users can explore health-related conditions and get a wider view quickly onto what exactly they are suffering from. Many a time, there is a possibility that because of the excessive information, you can divert from the core topic.

“The abundant experience and expertise of our consultants was drawn towards providing clinical validation of the symptoms to spread the message of awareness and prevention of diseases. With the launch of the Symptom Search Project, we aim to provide quality healthcare information which can be accessed by a billion Indians,” Sangita Reddy, joint managing director, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. It is indeed a very good move by Google India which will limit your search about the symptoms and give you to the point information. Although the application does give a caution that it is for informational purpose and one should head to the doctor for medical treatment.