Affiliate marketing has entrepreneurs buzzing because of the flexibility and monetary growth it offers. Affiliate marketers partner with retailers or advertisers and promote their product or service and earn a commission from the sales or leads you generate. It doesn’t have the typical time pressures of normal nine-to-five jobs and essentially allows you to earn money while you’re sleeping. 

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money, but it can be hard to get timely payouts, find real, helpful support, and exclusive deals from reliable companies. 

MaxWeb saw these pitfalls as an opportunity to maximize results from affiliate marketing. They do this by providing weekly, up to three times a week payouts, dedicated account managers who are always happy to help, and both exclusive and owned offers. This makes them the leading CPA Affiliate Network that drives amazing results for both affiliates and advertisers.

MaxWeb Background 

MaxWeb was started by Anna Gita who set out to change the affiliate marketing world- and that’s exactly what happened. Her and her team have grown the network to become the #1 CPA (Cost-per-Acquisition) network and as an eight-figure business in under four years. 

They have more than 15,000 active affiliates after a few short years- compared to other affiliate networks that are smaller and have been in the game for much longer. That’s because they realized the need for a program for affiliate marketers that had everything: reliable payouts, support, connections to advertisers, performance tracking, and exclusive and owned  offers, offers that actually convert. 

They truly value quality over quantity when it comes to advertisers. They are selective with their advertisers, allowing them to form relationships with their partners, guaranteeing some of the highest CPA payouts in the industry. 

Predictable Payments 

Unlike a corporate job, most affiliate marketers don’t have access to bi-weekly payments. Some affiliate marketing programs only pay you monthly, which isn’t ideal when this is your main source of income.

MaxWeb solves the cash flow problem by having their own in-house campaign tracking interface, created by an advanced team of developers, and the best CPA’s in the industry. They have automated weekly payments so you never have to worry about your money coming in. Super Affiliates can even receive payments up to three times a week. 

They value their affiliates and know the importance of allowing users to have access to their well-earned money. 

MaxWeb’s Success

MaxWeb doesn’t simply seek to bring success to affiliate marketers- they have proven evidence that they do just that. A MaxWeb Affiliate started their journey with only $500 spend, within nine months, he was able to quit his nine-to-five job and now makes six figures a month promoting MaxWeb’s top offers. 

They have changed and supported the lives of thousands of people who were looking for a change in their career and life or that had actually lost their jobs during the pandemic and needed a new way to support themselves and their families. This is all thanks to their campaigns that convert, VIP support and  automated payouts which helps cash flow for affiliates at all levels.

As a company, they know all the struggles of the industry first-hand. With numerous years of experience in the marketing industry, they started fully bootstrapped, having to overcome a lot of challenges along the way. 

MaxWeb’s Culture

MaxWeb knows that the only thing constant in business is change. They are constantly adapting and maintaining a super positive do-whatever-it-takes mindset through it all.  Their constant evolution proves that they’re always willing to do what it takes to help their customers. 

Their culture and core values are the keys to their success. They are structured around 10 core principles: positivity, consistent high performance, accountability and attendance, speed, doing whatever it takes, integrity, repeatability, flexibility, communication skills, and reducing risk associated with potential failure. 

These traits allow MaxWeb to provide the best, most helpful platform for all affiliate marketers through their amazing offers that are proven to convert, impeccable sales tracking, extraordinary reporting tools, and even dedicated Skype groups for support. 

MaxWeb will take your affiliate business to the next level without having to worry about a network that will take advantage of you and hold your money.

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