Mumbai, April 19: Mark Zuckerberg-run Meta has been working on artificial intelligence and trying to incorporate it with its existing platforms and services, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. According to a new report, Meta rolled out AI-image generation capability to its WhatsApp platform in the United States. This new AI feature will allow WhatsApp users to provide text prompts and get an image generated within their app.

The Verge reported that Meta rolled out a new real-time AI image generation capability for US WhatsApp users as a beta. The report mentioned that this beta feature would be used in a chat where the user would have to type a "text-to-image" prompt to get the images. It also mentioned that the images will change once the WhatsApp users add more details in the prompt. Meta Introduces Llama 3 AI Model: Company Launches First Two Models of Next Generation of Llama.

Meta AI on WhatsApp Coming Soon in Different Countries: 

With access to the AI-image generation beta feature, the users could quickly apply changes to a simple prompt such as "Imagine a soccer game on Mars", said the report. The users would reportedly get a typical soccer image on the Martian landscape with an entire team. However, the users can try out the feature by opening a chat with Meta AI to generate or change the image by adding a slight change in the prompt. 

Mark Zuckerberg-run Meta reportedly said that the Meta Llama 3 model would produce higher-quality, sharper images and be better at showing text. The report mentioned that users could also use Meta AI to help animate images they provide and turn them into GIFs to share with others. Apple Showcases Five Indian Independent Filmmakers Who Created Short Films on iPhone 15 Pro Max Chosen for ‘MAMI Select-Filmed on iPhone’.

Since the new WhatsApp feature through Meta AI has been rolled out in the United States for beta testing, it may take some time before it is officially released for all users. The new feature in WhatsApp will be a part of Mark Zuckerberg-run Meta's attempts to introduce artificial intelligence to other apps. The report said that Meta AI will soon be introduced to popular social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp. 

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