New Delhi, February 22: To serve as co-pilot of the web version, Microsoft India on Wednesday announced the preview release of new AI-powered Bing and Edge mobile apps on iOS and Android. Those users who have access to the preview will be able to utilise the new Bing experience from the homepage of the Microsoft Edge mobile app.

The new Bing app will provide users with the same experience as they do on a desktop. By tapping on the Bing icon at the bottom of the app, users will be taken to a chat session where they can interact just like they do on a desktop. China Slams ChatGPT, Directs Local Internet Giants Not To Use Microsoft-Owned AI Chatbot.

"Ask simple or complex questions and receive answers and citations. Choose how you want your answers displayed -- bullet points, text, or simplified responses. Explore the Bing chat experience to refine your query or compose an email, poem, or list," Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft, wrote in a blogpost. ChatGPT Interviews UK PM Rishi Sunak and Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates (Watch Video).

With the introduction of the new Bing mobile app, the tech giant also added "voice search" -- providing more versatility in how users can deliver prompts and receive answers from Bing.

Moreover, the company also created a new chat experience, by introducing AI-powered Bing for Skype, to enhance users' social communications with their friends and family.

"Fluent in more than 100 languages, and capable of translating between them, Bing can offer unique value to this global communications tool," said the company. "Available worldwide in preview today, the new Bing in Skype can provide helpful, real-time answers to all your questions," it added.

The company also said it envisions bringing AI-powered Bing capability to other communications apps, like Teams, in the future. More than 1 million people signed up on the waitlist to try out the new Bing Search with ChatGPT functionality on desktops in just 48 hours, Microsoft said last week.

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