New Gmail Interface Design For Mobile Users Officially Rolled Out By Google - Report
Gmail App (Photo Credits: Twitter)

San Francisco, Jan 30: Google has released a new interface design for the mobile version of Gmail that includes new visual implementations as well as feature additions. As part of the new design, users will be able to quickly view attachments like photos without having to open or scroll through the entire conversation, Nikolus Ray, Product Manager, Gmail, Google wrote in a blog post on Tuesday. The new design is intended to make switching between personal and professional accounts smoother to enable users to access their emails quicker. Twitter is Currently Testing News-First Timeline Feature on Android - Report.

"Just like on Gmail web, you'll get big, red warnings to alert you when something looks phish-y," Ray said. The update is aimed at making 'G Suite' look and act like a family of products designed in the "Google Material Theme."

"We've already updated the web experiences for Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and most recently Google Docs and Sites, and more G Suite mobile apps to follow later this year," Ray added.

Along with tweaks in the interface, in April 2018 Google added a plethora of new features on Gmail for web including the "Nudge" feature for quick message reminders, "Smart Reply" feature and a "Confidential Mode" that allows users to remove the option to forward, copy, download or print a message. The new Gmail design for mobile is expected to reach all iOS and Android users in the coming weeks, the post noted.