What if there was a dating app that could help you identify a suitable mate who shared your health and lifestyle interests? Isn't it exciting? Yes, we know that it is, and Samphion is here to help you fulfil your desires.

Imagine finding someone who shares your interests and is passionate about the same things as you are. The types of conversations you'll have then, as well as the fun things or activities you'll do together, will definitely be thrilling and exciting. All of it is possible on Samphion, after all.

It connects people who have similar lifestyles and healthy practises, founded by Udit Shah. Regardless of what your passion is, dancing, walking, music or fashion, Samphion is here to offer you a wide selection of options that will suit your needs. Asha Ponnachan did not only wave Udit Shah as a specialist and mentor for the Samphion brand. She has 18 years of experience in marketing and business development in three continents as an activist against human trafficking.

This app can help you find someone with whom you will have a natural connection. So, whether you are an animal lover or a vegan, someone who enjoys yoga or only severe gym activities, someone who prefers soothing music or someone who prefers rock music, don't worry about finding a compatible companion as your potential samphie i.e., your match is somewhere out there on Samphion.

With only two clicks, users may view profiles in 16 distinct health and lifestyle categories. For example: Meditation, walking, exercise, fitness, skincare, yoga Sana, and dancing etc. Users can use their profiles to express themselves by creating their own health and lifestyle personas. For example, a user can upload photos and express interest in a range of options, such as yoga or music, among others. How do you go about doing it? Well, it’s a Samphie, or a match, when one person sends a "Like" and the other sends a "Super Like." They can start chatting now that their profiles have been matched. Isn’t it interesting how it works?  Getting to know someone who shares your interests and tastes? It's an absolute delight!

Not only that, but one of the most striking features of Samphion is that they reward their users anytime they report a fraudulent profile and the complaint is confirmed to be legitimate. This is part of their strict privacy and security policies, which prioritise the privacy of their users.

Samphie will definitely give you a clear reason to meet and a desire to spend time together, because when you share common interests with others, you can share experiences, information, and learn new things by discussing and bonding. Adding to this Samphion have people from Indian best colleges who have worked most closely to make this app a tremendous success, starting from the Graphic Designers, the Social Media Managers to the Performance Marketers.

So, if you're ready to interact but are concerned about finding a compatible mate, Samphion is the app for you and the iOS users, nothing to worry about, we will be accessible to you soon. Till then stay tuned.